• Psychotherapy is a process that can be very helpful for individuals who experience anxiety, phobias, depression, addictions, relationship difficulties, sexuality issues, compulsive disorders and obsessive behavior. In addition, people often seek psychotherapy because they feel that they are not realizing their full potential and engage in the process as a way of achieving personal growth.

    The number of sessions in a particular week or month, as well as the duration of therapy, depends on the nature and extent of the presenting issue(s). Typically, clients come once or twice a week until they feel that they have achieved their goals.

    During a session, the therapist and client work together to unlock feelings that may have been buried since childhood. Working through these, even remembering them, can sometimes be a frightening and difficult process, but ultimately rewarding. This becomes an essential part of the process of growth and change because often our experiences in childhood have shaped us as adults. Some of these experiences may have resulted in coping methods or patterns of behavior that no longer work in one's adult life and indeed, which may create issues that adversely affect one's personal or professional life.