• Somatic Psychotherapy (SP) is grounded in the belief that soma (body) and psyche (mind) form a single holistic entity: the bodymind. In essence, the mind and body are a duality. You cannot work one without the other. SP integrates the mind-body connection with contemporary psychological and developmental theories and practices. Over the course of one's life, memories - especially traumatic ones - are stored in the muscles and cells of the body. These body memories cannot be released through traditional  talk therapy alone since it deals primarily with the cognitive mind.

    SP involves a guided exploration of the unconscious memories that are harbored in the body as a result of trauma. SP is especially useful for individuals who have experienced traumatic events such as sexual, physical or emotional abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), rape, incest, or a single-episode traumatic event such as a car accident, job loss, divorce, etc.

    The goal of SP is to enable a person with a history of trauma or past stressful event(s) to move on with life and to stop reliving the past (the emotions, physiological states of high activation, the intrusion of stressful memories, etc). The somatic therapeutic process helps the brain remember how to accurately assess one's current environment and to know when there is and when there is not a threat. By recalibrating the capacity for accurate perception, one's nervous system regains the ability to feel safety, and thereby regains the ability for self-regulation.