I offer both Psychotherapy and Coaching for individuals, couples, and executive coaching at your workplace.

Executive Coaching:

Please call me for fees associated with each package. 

1. Psychotherapy: Traditional and Non-traditional psychotherapy sessions: 50 minutes, in person or via Skype

2. Coaching

 Coaching Cocktail Packages for Couples:

a) Straight Up (Package of 10-20)Learn the *way* to have a fully functioning healthy relationship and get rid of toxic patterns that leave you and your lover running the hamster wheel.

b)With a Twist: (package of 10-20)Your relationship is going well, but there is just *something* not right about it. No matter what you both do, things seem to be all mixed up. Get the help you both deserve.

c) Kiddie Cocktail:(package of 25-50) You're married with one child and another on the way. Your marriage just doesn't seem as sexy or attractive as it used to be. Come get some some tips and new perspectives on how to make it work.

d) On the Rocks: You're having trouble staying on the path you once thought was the right one. Come in and check yourself to see if what you want is what you're getting.

f) Kink-less : You're married, on the right path but just need some spice to add to the mix. Ten check in sessions should do you good.

g) Pre-Marital Package: (10 sessions) Get your footing straight and make sure both you and your honey say *yes* at the altar. Get direct, honest and real with your mate by learning the steps toward being more present and mindful. 

h) Single, Free, and Eager: (package of 10) Alison has years of experience with couples and matchmaking services. Have her create an online dating portfolio that will sure to be a hit or at least get you some winks!.

Executive Coaching at your workplace: Learn the art of mindfulness while reaching your bottom line


 Bodywork and trauma recovery Alison provides emotional release bodywork sessions in packages of 5-10. If you have suffered an accident, trauma, breakup, etc and you need to release some of that tension, these sessions will reintegrate your mind, body and spirit.