• Hakomi is an experiential, body-centered psychotherapy that combines the mindfulness of Eastern spiritual traditions with a unique and highly effective Western therapeutic methodology.

    At its most basic level, Hakomi is the therapeutic expression of this specific set of Principles: mind/body/spirit holism, unity, mindfulness, truth, change and honoring the uniqueness of the individual.

    The Hakomi Method utilizes mindfulness in the service of studying and transforming core beliefs and their limiting patterns.

    Core material are comprised of deeply held beliefs, images, memories, and emotional patterns. When we get older, however, we find that some of those beliefs, attitudes, etc, aren't descriptive of our current thoughts and emotions, and in fact, they hinder our personal growth and potential. I other words, our defensive mechanisms that we have built up over the years in response to our core material, no longer work for us. We need to change.

    The problem then is then, how do we change these core beliefs if they are so deeply held? Hakomi is a perfect therapy for exactly that problem. Hakomi therapy accesses that core material safely and consciously and helps direct the person toward a natural unfolding of their emotions which gives new way to their growth and new meaning to their lives.

    Mindfulness: is being aware of your present moment. You are not judging, reflecting or thinking. You are simply observing the moment in which you find yourself